Last Long Trip post for a while

I was in Oklahoma City this weekend visiting family and some friends. It was a pretty good trip all in all, I saw a lot of the people I care about and got a chance to play a little music in the meantime. As a project to finish working all of the bugs out of the recording setup my mom cobbled together (I say cobbled, mine is more ragtag by a longshot) and the quirks of the programs involved, we recorded yet another version of the Long Trip – this time with instrumentation. Hopefully this will satisfy my need to keep recording this song for at least a little while so I can get to finishing up the other three or so for the demo.

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Just an amateur musician with a microphone and a mixer trying to dilute the musical solution.

3 thoughts on “Last Long Trip post for a while”

  1. Well sure you keep posting it month after month, but it does keep getting better so there really isn’t a downside to that.

  2. Hey, are you the Sean Dick that played at the Red Cup coffee shop. If so, please email me. I’m interested in you playing at my daughter’s 16th birthday party.

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