I spent the part of the day I didn’t spend working recording stuff, mostly old, but this one came out of it. It has promise, I think.

So, in interesting news, I’ve decided to extend an open invitation to you artistic types out of the maybe 10 or so of you that visit the site. It’s tacky, but I’d like to have some kind of art to print alongside the laughably tiny EP I’m gonna be giving out in the vain hopes of getting people to actually listen to my music. To make things more fun than “PLEASE DO ME ART OKAY” I’m going to make the theme “words that don’t go together”. That’s how I tend to find images for my posts. I think of words slightly related to the song that have as little to do with each other as possible and GIS. Please make all submissions in the form of replies to this post. Contact me if you need hosting.

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Just an amateur musician with a microphone and a mixer trying to dilute the musical solution.

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