So maybe some things haven’t gone quite as I wanted them to in the last couple of years. I’ve learned plenty about myself that fall all along the plot from good to bad including a few things that make me happy. Circumstance has temporarily put me in an awkward position and this is a song because of that. Here is your picture and your song.

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Just an amateur musician with a microphone and a mixer trying to dilute the musical solution.

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  1. Hey Sean! Louise just told me you have a new job in San Francisco. Cool! I hope you’re having fun.

    I’m probably going to do some renovation work in Southern California, maybe in June. I’ll definitely be coming up to the Bay Area at some point, and would love to see you. I’ll keep you posted.

    Meanwhile I’m listening to “Self Indulgent.” Great stuff, Sean. You have a very good sound. Maybe you’ll get a chance to play in SF once in a while?

    You can email me any time.


  2. Howdy, Sean.

    I remember when you were knee-high to a grasshopper! I imagine you’re considerably taller than that by now. Rhonda told me about your site, and I’m really enjoying wandering through it and listening to your songs.

    I’m intrigued by the photo in this post. Who are those tired old people? It’s a wonderful shot!

    My big news is that I’ve recently learned to sing — my boyfriend sings opera and rock ‘n’ roll, and anything else you throw his way, and I caught the singing bug from him. Let me know if you’d like to get together sometime and “jam,” as you young people say. (I live in San Jose — if you can call it living.) We could “do a gig” and “blow a mean axe.” OK, so I’m not cool. So sue me.

  3. Hey Sean, I remeber you when you use to race around feilding on that big 28inch pushbike. Think we may of torn up Ohakia airforce base to on our bikes?
    Great photo’s. Seems like you may of kept your appreciation for music too. Excellent!!

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