Living Well

no dice
I’ve had a pretty shitty past few weeks. Things are looking up, though, and my dad sent me this great banjo guitar that I finally got to record something with.

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Comments (7) left to “Living Well”

  1. Louise Goldberg wrote:

    I do like it! It is sad and hopeful at the same time.
    Good one.

  2. ben wrote:

    where’s a like button when you need it?

  3. Sharon McAllister wrote:

    Very nice, Sean! I like your creative spirit.

  4. Ryan Sobol wrote:

    I hope you’re living well now. I know I’m not in your neighborhood, but I’ll always drop what ever I’m doing to take your call. The banjo sounds great btw!

  5. Stuart wrote:

    <3 u br0

  6. Kenny Darrell wrote:

    I’m diggin it!

  7. amy wrote:

    yay! we found your music. i love this song and am so happy it’s online. it will help me remember a great night in sf when i’m tolling away at work…and hopefully we’ll hear it live again some day!

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